Jessica Martino

Memorial Visitation at Funeral Home

10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Thursday, April 4, 2024
Abriola Parkview Funeral Home
419 White Plains Rd.
Trumbull, Connecticut, United States

Obituary of Jessica A. Martino


SUBJECT: Memorial Services to Commemorate the life of Jessica "Jess" Martino

TO: Her Loved Ones

DATE OF EVENT: April 4, 2024

Jess Martino spent 72+ years exuding love, empathy, kindness, joy, humor, and service towards others. She spent a 35+ year career coordinating big events and drafting important memos as a highly respected Executive Assistant with General Electric.

On March 22, 2024, she took her last bow and closed the curtain on her most inspiring event of all: a life well lived.

After years of dedicated service to those she loved, it's fitting that this one last memo be for one last special event: a service that brings together all the people that loved her back.

Born on January 21, 1952, Jess was the loving daughter of Rose Marie Laudanna, a loving sister to Karen Budahazy, a loving aunt to her niece, Melissa Budahazy, and nephew, Jason Kyle Budahazy, and a close, loving friend to many.

Raised in Bridgeport, CT under adversity and modest means, Jess chose to live her life under compassion and forgiveness, with gratitude and generosity, all fueled by the comfort, strength and inner peace she found in her faith and God.

These choices helped Jess put herself through Sacred Heart University, leading to a life with a purposeful career and lasting friendships.

As she once wrote in a column published in the 'Be Happy Zone' of the Fairfield Citizen, Jess said we can "make room for all the love and goodness life has to offer if we choose to accept it."

On the outside, Jess had a smile that lit up a room, a laugh that was infectious, and a strong head of hair that she never let anyone see unkept. (Hey, she took pride in good hair!).

On the inside, a heart so selfless it should be studied at the doctorate level. (Plus, how cool would it be to have a PhD in "Heart of Jess").

Known for her volunteer work, Jess donated countless hours of her time, energy and talents to those in need. Most notably, with the Salvation Army Angel Tree and Reading Buddies for the Bridgeport Public School System.

A long-time resident of Fairfield, CT and long-time traveler to New York City, Jess was an admirer of the two B's (beach and ballet!), an appreciator of the two P's (pizza and pasta!), and a serious, cut-throat gamer. Well, she was serious(ish) about ONE game: the annual Thanksgiving scrabble showdown with her niece and nephew during their childhood years. But even though she always started out as a stern rule-keeper with a quick-draw to the dictionary, she eventually relented as the tryptophan-induced giggles of the youngsters kicked in, finally caving to their persistant playing of "butt" twice on the board.

More than just an aunt, Jess served as a teacher of right and wrong, a guiding moral force, and a compass for a principled life for her niece and nephew. She loved them with every ounce of her being. And the feelings will always be reciprocated.

Jess's surviving relatives would like to specifically express profound gratitude to the General Electric family for the love and support they have shown to Jess and her family over these past years.

And now, after 72+ years of showing up for others and showing all of us how to live a happy life, and after 35+ years of event coordinating and memo drafting, here's one last memo:


SUBJECT: Memorial Services to Commemorate the life of Jessica "Jess" Martino

TO: Her Loved Ones

IN LIEU OF FLOWERS: Please honor Jess with one of the following "events".

ONE: She was born on January 21, 'National Hug Day'. Treat a loved one to lunch or coffee (if it's coffee, then preferably Dunkin'. She loved her some Dunkin'. Even as a wise-spender, she's probably put a few Dunkin' franchise owner's kids through college). Ask your loved one how they're (really) doing. Tell them how you're (really) doing. Share, connect, laugh, cry, then laugh some more. And then, end it with a big hug.

TWO: She punched the clock one last time on March 22, also known as 'National Goof-Off Day'. Fitting for someone so dependable, reliable, diligent, hard-working and service-oriented. Because now, it's her time to be as playful, and as much of a goof-off as her big, loving heart desires. So in honor of that, invite a loved one (or make it a solo-date) and ditch your usual routines and responsibilities for some relaxation and PLAY! Permission to smile, giggle, chuckle, cackle, hearty-laugh, snort-laugh, and belly-laugh. Extra points if done while frolicking.

THREE: Continue Jess's commitment to literacy or resources for the homeless by donating to organizations such as Imagination Library, Donors Choose, or Operation Hope in Fairfield, CT. Please also consider donations to Alzheimer's Association to support their research funding and free resources for caregivers.

FOUR: Save your hard-earned money like she did. (But to be fair, in this particular instance, she would say "do as I say, not as I do, and spend that flower money on something or someone you love!"... So, see "event" ONE, TWO, THREE above).

DATE OF EVENT: April 4, 2024 10am-12pm

LOCATION: Abriola Parkview Funeral Home, 419 White Plains Rd. Trumbull, CT 06611

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