Richard Condon

Celebration of Life

The Extraordinary Life of Richard Condon will be held on Wednesday, April 26, 2023 5:00pm-8:00pm Tashua Knolls Golf Club 40 Tashua Knolls Lane Trumbull, CT

Obituary of Richard E. Condon

Richard Everett Condon, 58, a man of remarkable grace, resilience, and an extraordinary sense of humor, passed away on Sunday, April 2, 2023. Born on January 12, 1965, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Richard was a loving son, brother, brother-in-law, uncle and loyal friend. He was an exceptional human being, inspiring those who knew him with his unwavering determination and vibrant spirit.

Richard attended Tashua Elementary School where he was allegedly the heartthrob of his class and started breaking hearts in the third grade. He was athletic and competitive throughout his school years and graduated from Trumbull High School in 1983.

He began college at the University of Rhode Island in the fall of 1983 and said he chose it for its reputation as a party school! He spent the next 3 years proving that to be true, leaving no kegs untapped and no party held without his presence.

Richard's life unexpectedly turned on a cold Halloween night in 1986 when he broke his neck. Dr. Jim Condon, his uncle and radiologist spoke with Richard after reading his X-rays. Richard asked, " Will I ever walk again?" In one of the hardest moments of his life, Jim said "No." Richard made the powerful declaration, "I've lost my body, so I'll have to focus on my brain"

Despite the devastating injury, he persevered with incredible determination, spending the next year at Rusk Rehab Hospital learning to live as a quadriplegic. His father, sisters, and the many nurses, friends, and supporters who became family, rallied around him.

This time, he proved more than what he set out to–Richard wasn't just the smartest guy in the room; he had the biggest heart too. Everybody that conversed with him found those things out almost immediately. Richard had a great brain, good jokes and a big heart.

Richard's passions included football, the New York Giants, watching UCONN Basketball, especially with his father, and, of course, MUSIC!!! His love for those things only matched his passion for practicing law. Graduating summa cum laude from Quinnipiac Law School, Richard earned a scholarship from Columbia University, his father's alma mater, to get his Masters in Law. He dedicated more than 30 years to defending his clients with compassion and an unrelenting commitment as a public defender.

Richard had a unique gift for making everyone feel like family. Throughout his life, he treated all with the utmost respect and love, making them feel like the most important person in his world. His ability to turn even the most challenging situations into memorable and bonding experiences will never be forgotten. One memorable moment occurred this summer when Richard and his nephew, Ryan, embarked on a 16-hour roundtrip drive to visit MJ and Matt. Despite lacking music and air conditioning, the two laughed and shared countless stories, making it an unforgettable journey that created a special and unexpected bonding experience—one of the best they ever had.

Richard and his father had a special bond and were lifelong best friends. Being in the presence of the two of them you could feel the overwhelming love and mutual respect they had for each other. They could be mischievous together and loved telling the stories of their "adventures".

Richard Condon figured life's priorities out—gratitude, kindness and love along with caring for the voiceless. Yes, Richard IS truly an exceptional spirit, a unique and beloved human being - who lived with an enormous heart and amazing clarity of mind—such a powerful light who will live beyond and within all of us.

He was predeceased by his loving father Dick Condon (aka Big Cat) and his mother Carol Elliott. Also, Aiden, his beloved cat. Richard is survived by his sisters Jennifer, Elizabeth, and Marijane, brother-in-law, Matt Ruffing and his niece and nephews, Ryan, Shane, Cade, and Emma.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you spend time with your children, take a walk with a loved one, reconnect with old friends and make a toast to enduring friendships and family.

Be prepared to laugh, cry, and remember the man who touched so many hearts with his relentless positivity, wonderful sense of humor, compassion and inspiring perseverance in the face of adversity. Rest in peace Richard Condon. In a world that often doesn't make sense….You did.

We know that in the end, we all shall pass. Maybe the most we can ever wish for is to be ushered out, surrounded by the love we've created in our lives. That's exactly what he did.

Come Join Us in Celebrating The Extraordinary Life of Richard Condon Wednesday, April 26, 2023 from 5:00pm-8:00pm Tashua Knolls Golf Club, 40 Tashua Knolls Lane, Trumbull.


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